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Carpet isn't just another floor covering. It's an experience. It can be personalized to meet your specific requirements for beauty, performance, and lifespan by speaking with a professional about your preferences and needs. If you're considering this floor covering for your home, we want to tell you more about your options.

How to find the best carpet

The first consideration for your carpeting should be your lifestyle and in-house traffic levels. If you have a busy home with numerous guests, children, and pets, you will need a floor covering that stands up to the task. A great starting point is nylon or polyester, which has excellent stain and crush resistance.

While choosing your fiber, you'll want to ask about fibers that have added built-in benefits. For instance, some brands offer exceptional built-in stain protection, which means you'll never have to worry about permanent stains or the foul odors that can often accompany them. It can even add to your carpet's lifespan.

Once you have a fiber suited to your needs, you can begin searching for the perfect color or design for décor-matching perfection for every room. Solid colors are often used to create a sense of space, either small or large, and bring in the desired ambiance. Don't forget that fiber textures and patterns can also become a part of your overall design for exquisite personalization.

Carpet flooring installation is a bit more time-consuming than materials like laminate or luxury vinyl. That's because carpet installation requires special tools and expertise that come from years of experience. Once you have made all your selections, your flooring associate will be able to quote you a time frame for the installation so that you can be prepared for the experience.

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Drake's Carpets offers impeccable carpet floors in Huntington Beach that are sure to match your needs perfectly. Our associates will help you find all the attributes that serve you best, as well as additional advantages you might not even have expected. We work to make sure your flooring experience is the best.

From our carpet store in Huntington Beach, CA, we proudly serve residents from Huntington Beach, CA, Orange County, CA, and Long Beach, CA. We invite you to visit us whenever you're in the area to find out how these amazing floor coverings can easily be yours. We look forward to being your go-to carpet flooring store, no matter how large or small your project.